Fobier i mad

Various phobias can touch different objects. Some people suffer from a wide variety of food fears.

Cibophobia er frygt for mad generelt.

Fagofobi - forbundet med frygt for at synke eller kvæle mens du spiser.

Metyphobia er frygten for alkohol eller virkninger efter at have drukket alkohol.


Consecotaleophobia — the fear of chopsticks.

Mageirocophobia er frygt for madlavning.

Termofobi - frygt for varme ting, såsom kaffe or soup, but this phobia is not limited only to food, so those afraid of a hot bath, also suffer from this disorder.

Mykofobi er når folk er bange for svampe. Mange kan ikke lide dem, fordi de er dækket af slim og ser ubehagelige ud, men nogle er virkelig dødelige bange for dem.

Electrophobia er kylling’s fear, which can spread to the cooking of chicken meat or æg.

Deipnophobia - frygt for middagssamtaler.

Arachibutyrophobia - en stærk frygt for jordnødder smør, eller rettere, frygt for at det holder fast i munden.

Orthorexia – fear of eating unclean food. Although officially, ortoreksiya is not considered an eating disorder, however, the number of people that display the obsession with healthy eating is growing.

Entomofobi – fear of insects. Some people are so afraid that the Packed foods can be small animals afraid to buy something in the packages.

Alliumfobi - gjorde folk bange for hvidløg.

Ostracise - frygt for rejer, crabs, and other shellfish.

Geumafobi is fear of any tastes. People may be afraid of certain flavors, such as sweet, sour, or salty foods. Some unfortunate people are unable to overcome your fear in any flavor that really complicates their lives.

Ichthyophobia - frygter alle slags fisk. Fear often stems from the fear of using mercury or other harmful substances present in fish and the sick.

Lachanophobia er frygten for grøntsager, der går langt ud over den enkle modvilje mod broccoli.

Fremmedhad - frygt for vine.

Sitofobi - forbundet med frygt for visse lugte og teksturer.

Chocolatephobia - frygt for chokolade.

Karnofobi - frygt for rå eller kogt kød.

Turbotube - frygt for ost.

Some of these phobias may seem unusual, strange, and even ridiculous, but this is not a joke for people suffering from such disorders. If you suddenly noticed signs of obsessive fear and did not know where to obtain assistance, contact your doctor. It can give valuable advice and guide you to a therapist or psychologist.

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